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Even in a seller's market a good real estate sales advisor is important to help you find truly qualified buyers. But in a buyer's market like we're in now, you need to get creative. Seller financing? A sealed bid? Maybe even a reserve auction? With us, the advisor who helps sell your home is also an experienced mortgage expert skilled in the techniques to help you negotiate the best price and close the sale.

Following are the steps to selling your home or commercial property:

  • Price—we will help you determine the right price. While a typical realtor might see a few transactions a month, we see many more because of our refinancing volume. With our valuable experience, we can help you establish the right price—and price is the most crucial component of getting the highest return in the shortest time.
  • Marketing—Alliance Realty Advisors will present your home or property by using the latest online search tools, open houses, and simply by walking the right prospects through your door. We'll prepare a customized brochure of your home or property (including floor plans) on a CD and attach a link to Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • Sell—we can use customized finance techniques to make your property more salable. Because we are also mortgage experts, we can use customized financing techniques involving you and the buyer to help make your property more marketable. For instance, did you know you can contribute to the buyer's down payment? Or pay closing costs? Or even buy down the interest rate? There are many creative ways to make your home or property more marketable.
  • Close—once you receive an offer, we'll help you negotiate the price, including any issues that might arise from the home inspection, and then we'll walk you through the approval of the Purchase and Sale Agreement all the way through to the closing.
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